“Legal Manufacturing, LLC represents the fusion of technologically advanced manufacturing with the passionate artistry of master craftsmen.”


NIB ONE® (formerly Diamonite) is Legal Manufacturing, LLC’s trade name for a proprietary electroless NIB nickel-boron plating system that is comprised of boron, nickel, and other metals to produce a very hard, wear resistant surface with a low coefficient of friction. Secoa Technology originally licensed NIB technology from DuPont in 1976 and continuously improved upon the technology. The engineers responsible for NIB ONE® realized the advantages the NIB nickel-boron plating system offers firearm, adventure, and defense communities and in 2016 Legal Manufacturing, LLC was established. Legal Manufacturing, LLC continues to manufacture and innovate NIB ONE® in a new, state of the art facility located in Ringgold, Georgia.


Born from NIB ONE®, NIB DARK® and NIB BATTLEWORN® are the newest NIB nickel boron products crafted by Legal Manufacturing, LLC. Our patent pending process offer darker tints as compared to our NIB ONE® highlighting the unique geometries in finished metal products. Steel, titanium, and aluminum can now have the superior properties of NIB nickel-boron plating in a distinctive battle-worn appearance. NIB treatment is not a paint, but a true metal finish that is highly resistant to chipping or scratching. Our NIB BATTLEWORN® process is particularly well suited to AR-style upper receivers, lowers, rails, as well as edged products. Additionally, the NIB process does not add any significant dimensional change to the plated material.


Legal Manufacturing’s Patent Pending NIB Process

All three of our NIB nickel boron products are ideal for depositing a very smooth and uniform plating barrier on complex configurations of parts. The plating is baked after application to increase the hardness to over 70 Rockwell hardness and produce a surface enhancement that is superior to competing plating systems. Other advantages of our NIB system include the following:

  • HARDNESS: 70+HRc (1076+ HV)
  • LUBRICITY: Low static coefficient of friction without lubrication
  • More than 2x the wear resistance of hard chrome; NIB will outlast the life of the part in most cases
  • Extremely ductile plating, NIB does not crack and chip like hard chrome
  • Temperature resistant to 1100°F
  • 4x the wear resistance of electroless nickel phosphorus
  • Plating thickness range: 0.0003 to 0.010 inch
  • Excellent adhesion to most alloys including titanium and aluminum.
  • Improved impact resistance
  • Best performance is achieved when mating components are plated with NIB
  • Plated parts can run lubrication free, reducing the cleaning, care, and maintenance without sacrificing reliability
  • All final thickness measured with XRF instrumentation technology